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Dr. Farah Remtulla
Fernwood Dental
Victoria, BC

We are a comprehensive family practice that combines meticulous craftsmanship and a gentle touch to offer dental appointments that you can look forward to.  

What makes us stand out?

  • Our dedication to education. We voraciously pursue continuing education and constantly tweak our approach so that it is based on the latest research.

  • Our commitment to the community. We have served youth in custody and provided volunteer dental care internationally. We are always looking for new ways to positively impact our community. Got an idea?

  • Our belief that a healthy mouth equals a healthy body. The mouth is an extension of the body, and good oral health contributes to good overall health. We pride ourselves in being practitioners of the head and neck, not only of teeth.

what really sets us apart? 


Fabulous people. We specialize in them! Fabulous people with smiles on their faces who are happy to serve you. That is the most important part of what we do everyday.



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