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Dr. Farah Remtulla, General Dentist

Farah in 10 Seconds


Dentist, perpetual student, and lover of the outdoors.


Fascinated with how the brain is changeable, the psychology of self-improvement, and understanding different cultures. Loves hearing a different point of view.


Likes sharing knowledge, and food!


Enjoys any opportunity to practice speaking French.


Her practice of dentistry focuses on prevention and patient education.


For Farah, there is joy in excellence, and she strives to produce outstanding work.

Dr. Farah Remtulla was born and raised in Vancouver and graduated from UBC Dentistry in 2009.  Farah is an advocate of promoting women into decision-making roles, and leads by example through her board work on the British Columbia Dental Association’s Public Education and Communications Committee.
Farah is passionate about improving access to dental care and has provided dental services to troubled youth at the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre in Burnaby, and recently volunteered three months of her time with the Aga Khan Development Network in Tanzania where she set up a dental clinic, which now offers the highest standard of dental care in the country. 
Farah was awarded a Fellowship from the Pierre Fauchard Academy (2017), and a Fellowship from the American College of Dentists (2015) - an honour that has only been bestowed upon 3.5%  of dentists in North America.
She is also the recipient of the Women of Promise Award from the Vancouver Board of Trade (2015), the Ethics and Professionalism Award from the American College of Dentists (2009), and is currently working towards her fellowship degree with the Academy of General Dentistry, a prestigious US-based organization that recognizes dentists who voraciously pursue continuing education.
Farah lives in Victoria with her husband, Zia, who is a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency, and their children Mikail and Kira.

Washington, DC - November 2015: Dr. Remtulla is awarded a Fellowship by The American College of Dentists.

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